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my birthday


だんなマンが作ってくれたブーケ。2本のチューリップがママの愛に包まれてる、エリサとレイアなんだって。相変わらず、スイートな発想な彼。とっても、嬉しかった♡ ありがとう、パパ。

mike came home with a bouquet and a cake. those tulips represent ellyssa and rheia, he says. and they are wrapped up in the roses which is my love. such a sweet guy he is. i definitely loved the bouquet he made for me.


初詣 2011


we went to pay our first visit to the shrine this year. this is a picture of rows of Omikuji tied on the ropes.

Omikuji is a kind of fortune-telling. A small piece of paper on which one’s fortune is written.
It is sold at most of shrines and temples all over Japan. it is believed that your wish come true when you tie it on the rope or the branches of the tree at the compound after reading it.

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model in the making

また戻るけど、七五三の時の髪型。いつもお世話になっている、Sさんにして頂きました。ポニーテールさえも、テレビで釣って結構かかるのに...さすが、Sさん。取りかかってから、5分くらいでこんなに可愛い髪型にして頂きました♡ わぉ。

we asked our family nanny(^-^) (it’s like she’s not only ellyssa’s nanny, but also ours. she helps us so much!), Mrs. S to do ellyssa’s hair style for “7.5.3”.  it easily takes long enough for me to do a pony tail, but she did all this in less than 5 minutes!! amazing!

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morning nap


after mike and ellyssa leave the house in the morning, it’s quiet time for rheia and me. time flows slowly. i know it won’t last long, so i’m enjoying it.



it snowed like crazy!


she kept asking me “why does it snow?”…….:)

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this is where she has been with the funky hair style. 🙂

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funky hair



check out ellyssa’s funky hair. can you guess where she has been to? maybe the stuff in the background is a good give away?